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eeCPA helps business owners solve their tax and accounting challenges as their companies continue to grow. Our seasoned team provides tax, payroll, benefit, retirement plan, fiduciary and consulting services, as well as a completely outsourced finance solution. Our mission is to make a meaningful and positive impact on our clients’ businesses and financial success. We simplify the complex and find creative solutions to take the financial burden off your shoulders.

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eeCPA’s Huge Outrageous Target (HOT) is to save $100 Million for our clients by 2020. By increasing cash flow and reducing taxable income, we help you keep more of your profit to scale your business and improve your quality of life.

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Elizabeth Hale founded eeCPA with the vision to be the trusted key resource for entrepreneurs and investors seeking cutting edge solutions. Under her guidance, eeCPA dominates the market as the premier dynamic tax, finance and business intelligence partner, organized to work in harmony with clients.

Elizabeth has more than 20 years of experience and has had more than 400 clients, working with some of the most successful business leaders in Arizona. Her personal approach and willingness to go above and beyond for her clients create an outstanding level of service that will make you feel secure and your business well cared for.

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Our CPAs help you avoid the hassles and confusion of owning a business through our efficient, well-defined tax process.