eeCPA unveils company’s vision with new website

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It is an exciting time at eeCPA as we are unveiling our company’s Vision to a much wider audience on the global web, while maintaining what is most important to us -namely going above and beyond providing top-notch, highly personalized professional services for all your tax and accounting needs at an affordable rate your growing business can afford, while providing the foundation for you to aspire to new heights in your business. Thus CLIMB ON was born.

One of the most valuable pieces of what we are creating for you is this frequently updated, information rich blog where you will receive powerful tips on staying ahead of the game when it comes to tax season and critical preparation techniques that will save you time, money and lots of last minute headaches. Plus we promise to make it fun and rewarding, as this topic can be challenging at the least! We will also be bringing you daily social media posts on various topics of interest that are applicable to where you are today, and throw in some fun contests and free giveaways that are our special “thank you” to you for being so loyal and trusting of us. We appreciate you!

Our big favor that we ask of you is that you stay up to date with our blog entries and social media posts, and in return we will be sure to keep you in the know on important updates that you must be aware of as a successful business owner, including revisions to tax law and the healthcare mandate and how they could affect you next year and several other issues that are most important to the growth and success of your future business.

We would love to hear any feedback from you on any topics you would like to see us dive in and explore, so be sure to post any questions or suggestions on our updated FB page.

When thinking about all that it takes to scale a giant peak (ie: own and run a successful business), there are many tools, preparations, road maps and resources required to get you to the top. Allow us to be that rock that keeps your foundation stable. We are here to ensure your climb to the top is all you intended it to be and so much more. Thank you for your trust!