Yes while rules are boring they are crucial. At Colab Lab we will do our best to inform you if something is a problem before it gets out of hand but please realize that as a shared work space everyone is entitled to the same quiet, clean, and efficient environment.


  1.  Please mind your manners – be respectful! Keep your voice at a reasonable level and be respectful of your fellow coworkers
  2.  Cleanliness is godliness – please keep the work environment clean!
  3.  Be social! Don’t be afraid to network with your fellow members and make friends. Participate in social activities!
  4.  Respect the office hours! Unless you have a key card, please finish up your work by 5pm
  5.  Admin Services – please be patient! Our administrative assistant will help you when they can but there may be other members in front of you.
  6.  Respect the neighboring office – Colab Lab is connected to eeCPA PLC. Please refrain from entering this space or causing any disturbances.
  7.  The lab kitchen is available for your usage but please make sure any trash finds its way to the waste basket.
  8.  If any problems arise with your fellow members please let the admin know so we can handle it professionally.
  9.  If you have any concerns or questions don’t hesitate to ask a staff member!
  10.  HAVE FUN!